La noire black and white option trading

It's east of here but since I can run any which way and there's no compass, I don't even know which way is east! Oh oh, random battle on the overworld! I tell Quistis to Draw from the monster, it looks like it has three things to Draw.

After a couple rounds of drawing, I find out it has Blizzard, Cure, and Scan. Cure could be useful, and Blizzard in a Fire Cavern. I draw a bit more. Squall uses his sword and Quistis cracks her whip. Man, talk about a guy's fantasy. We finish the beast off. Quistis informs me that the R1 button is the trigger Wow, that's much more effective, like a free critical hit. Don't feel like it though this round and just finish them off.

I'm just getting my head wrapped around the map! Hey, you can auto-junction magic! I get to select a time limit: Well, there's only about 20 minutes left, better shoot for that one. They chat some more as the lava licks their boots.

We both draw from them quickly. For some reason they have Thunder, and they also go down in one hit. Guess we'll have to take them down the old fashioned way. Time continues to count down while we fight. Both my GF's also leveled up! The next enemy has some Blizzard to stock up on. It's Ifrit, a giant fire monster! I decide to summon Quistis' GF, Shiva! It takes a few seconds to show up, but then does a truly epic Diamond Dust move against Ifrit. We both keep spamming him with Blizzard, but oh yeah, Squall has got Quezacotl.

I'll do that instead, it seems kind of cheap though. I'll give Quezacotl a try though, just to see what the move looks like. It's called Thunder Storm, and a bird is struck down from the heavens to perform some mouth-lightning-explosions on Ifrit. Oh, we beat Ifrit, and he'll join me!

I still had about eight minutes left too. I guess you can link magic to regular attacks to do elemental damage, or protect myself from elemental damage. Thankfully Auto takes care of this too. And there's still battles. Okay, one more tutorial by Quistis, it's about GF's learning abilities.

Guess I head to the dorm? I had no idea what was going on for most of it, but it was a spectacular use of full-motion video. While it didn't set up the actual game that well, as far as I can tell, it let us know that the game meant business.

Drawing magic is a great alternative to almost every other RPG I've ever played. Anyone can use any magic as long as they stock up on it first. Characters aren't shoved into a particular class that they can never escape. What I didn't like: The game is a bit slow to the action, FF7 gets to fighting in three short minutes, but number eight has you wandering through a giant school giving tours.

It's different, that's for sure. At least the game had me showdown against a boss. The cardinal sin of starting a game especially a long one is not facing off against at least a mini boss. With great power comes great responsibility, or in terms of Final Fantasy VIII, when you give us a beautiful opening cutscene, the rest of the game had better keep the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, it fails rather miserably. It's really more of the stage of technology we were in 10 years ago, but maybe they could have eased the transition between awesome opening and blocky polygons a bit better. Battles move slowly, but they seem to have a lot of depth with the Guardian Forces, drawing magic, and junctioning attributes.

It seems like a stat-gamer's dream and actually, during college, my friend sat for hours just maxing out his stats by drawing tons of magic and leveling up very slowly. Like I said before, it's a slow to get going game, but not as bad as I've played before. An amazing combination of well directed video and an entrancing soundtrack kicks the game off, and then it's a bit downhill from there.

Honestly, the in-game graphics aren't that bad, it's just hard not to compare them to the opening. Would have been nice to have some voice acting too. It would have been nice to at least have a hint, but I'm glad it didn't dwell on anything too heavily. Would I keep playing? I'd love to, not only for a bit of nostalgia, but to also determine if it still ranks among my favorite games.

I just don't know if I have the time to do it, blame Persona 3 , that game is long. However, if you haven't played it, I would definitely give it a chance. What more you can you reasonably ask for JaxonH I'm aware it's a 3rd party game that is coming to a Nintendo hardware. And gyro assisted aiming is standard on the Nintendo hardware. You are missing the point or actually ignoring it.

Sure there are other Nintendo gamers who don't mind the gyro. But if you look at the comments, it does matter especially from PC and Nintendo only gamers. And did you just compare graphics standards from controls standards? Because graphics DON'T affect gameplay at all. Controls do as with any games out there.

Also I'm pretty sure controls matters as some hated the waggling or gyro on Nintendo games. They'd be in relief when non-motion control options is there. It's the same case for us, but in the other way around. Oh I've already tweeted the devs. I'm waiting they tweet a new one so I can post as soon as possible before it gets drowned. I'm also preparing a letter to them and to Nintendo Life and hoping maybe they make a poll about it.

BensonUii Read the post again. I dont see anyone boycotting Nintendo games for lacking button customization. And no, motion is not standard on Nintendo hardware.

It's been used in a handful of 1st party Nintendo games. This isn't a 1st party Nintendo game. It's a nice little option, no doubt. Nobody is saying it's not a nice option, but read the post again. Maybe it's not a good fit. It doesn't work for every game without being shoehorned in. Motion is shaky on screen. Maybe motion screws up the framerate. Maybe not every feature you want would have worked out.

But even if it would have worked, are you gonna start boycotting Mario Odyssey for not allowing you to remap controls as you see fit? Are you gonna boycott Xenoblade 2? Only 3rd party games. Cause that's what Nintendo fans do.

They whine and moan about getting no 3rd party games, then when support comes they get on a high horse and start making ridiculous demands for the game to be identical to Nintendo's own games. No wonder 3rd party developers don't like bringing their games over. And Nintendo only started integrating motion properly on Switch. So, like 6 months ago. You act like every game has had it for years or something. Motion on 3DS was a totally different beast. And only a couple games used it, usually for stupid stuff like looking around.

And because the system lacked a second analog didn't see you boycotting 3DS for lack of analog. If Nintendo lacks a standard feature, it's totally fine. If a 3rd party game brings parity with other versions, it's not good enough.

JaxonH Those games doesn't require precise aiming. As for the button mapping, they aren't competitive games like ARMS where button layout matters. You're aware I've boycotted ARMS thumbs up grip controls for the lack of mapping, but the button layout worked for me and I'm now hours on the game. And yes, I would have boycotted Splatoon 2 if it didn't have gyro. Did you read my post?

Also read again, it's a Nintendo games standard. Nintendo gamers are accused of buying Nintendo games mostly. Surprise, they are bringing their games to a Nintendo hardware where gyro aiming is standard. So yes, 3rd party should know this things matters to some. That's exactly the problem. Nintendo gamers have to branch out and stop placing demands on 3rd party games as if they're made by Nintendo. Gyro is NOT standard "on the hardware".

It's barely even a standard for Nintendo's own games which happen to BE on the hardware. Nothing wrong with wanting motion, or wishing it had it. But it's ridiculous to try to boycott when we don't have the luxury of doing so. Boycotting sends one message and one message only- we don't play 3rd party games.

You've gotta actually prove we buy games and support them before you earn the right to get on a ridiculous high horse and skip GotY quality games over not having additional features above and beyond every other version.

Legend has it that he inspired the idiom "Misery loves company". So I'll have to buy every 3rd party games even if I don't like it, I won't like it, or it won't work for me because of the controls, just so I can hope they throw a bone and start porting games I really want? You've taken Nintendo port-begging to the highest possible level. I am the consumer. I should have the choice to buy what videogame I want and on what platform I want that FITS my strengths and my limitations.

Dual stick aiming never worked for me but mouse and gyro aiming works very well. But gyro aiming matters, read "a deal breaker", so why should I force myself to buy games it will only frustrate me instead if buying other games 1st or 3rd party that I will enjoy?

I'm going to support any games on the Nintendo Switch because I like playing my games on it. But Nintendo and 3rd parties alike better make a game that interests me that's worth my money and my time. I've skipped a lot of Nintendo games before so it doesn't really matter if it's first or 3rd party. Yeah, it's definitely a Nintendo standard. You just said before it was a "boycott". Now suddenly you "wouldn't enjoy it"? You'd enjoy it just fine, like you said you're just "boycotting". Has nothing to do with not being fun or worth buying.

That's a joke of an argument. Any Nintendo game on 3DS that used motion did so as a novel inclusion, or out of necessity thanks to lacking a standard dual analog setup. BensonUii JaxonH The theory that one should buy a game he doesn't really want only to "show support" to a company so that they publish other games that will be more to his taste is a racket.

JaxonH If you actually care to read my comments, I said I'm boycotting the game for the lack of gyro, as not buying the game until they add gyro aiming. What exactly changed from my statement?

Now you're making ridiculous assumptions and just generalizing or confusing others' statement from mine. I tried to turn off the gyro on the gamepad, same result.

I tried Splatoon 2 without gyro out of curiosity and to test the new right stick layout, I still didn't like it. It's standard for 1st party games that has aiming in 3rd or first person view. And it's a deal breaker for you since you suck at it and you're so used and good at analog stick aiming? Tibob Nobody said anything about "buying a game one doesn't want". That's not the issue.

It's ridiculous and I'll call it out for what it is every time. But even if one tried to pretend they "don't want a game because it doesn't have motion" I'll call that out as horse manure too.

People have been playing games for 30 years with analog controls. But because Zelda on 3DS was missing buttons and therefore substituted gyro for slingshot, and because a whopping 3 Nintendo games on Switch use motion to aim Boycotting is skipping a purchase you would otherwise make in order to make a statement or "send a message". Look, I don't want to argue over the ridiculous reasons Nintendo fans like you dig up to skip 3rd party games.

So do whatever you want. JaxonH No this isn't about boycotting aka not buying a game to send a message. This is me refusing to buy a game I'm interested yet I could not possibly enjoy due to the lack of gyro aiming.

What's the point of buying it? Now that I'm not buying the game for the lack of gyro, I'm now sending a message to the devs that I will change my mind and buy the game if, and only if, they add gyro support. Not sure where are you all getting your assumptions. I don't wanna argue with you either. But I was hoping as a friend from the LINE chat if you ever considered me as one that you would support and understand me who hates analog stick aiming, not necessarily "boycott" the game , and wish me that they will add gyro support in the future so I can enjoy this "GotY material" game as much as you do.

But no, you throw side jabs can't find a better term instead and say I make excuses I am not to not buy this game and that I don't have the skill to use analog aiming yes, I admit and don't deny it as a former PC gamer and now on Nintendo. I was just thinking the other day how this is the best first 6 months of any new console. I can't think of any other system with so many great titles month to month.

The Dreamcast was pretty stellar out of the gate Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't compare the Switch to the DC. Don't want to jinx it!

BensonUii I do consider you a friend. But that doesn't change how I feel about people who write off entire games over something so trivial as motion controls. This isn't the Wii era. I appreciate when games offer motion, as you well know, but it will never be something important enough to negate an entire game- praised and critically acclaimed, that took hundreds of people years to make.

The vast majority of games today do not use motion. And before proper motion existed, did you skip out on games for not using it?

Which means you enjoyed games without motion, which means you'd still enjoy them now without motion. Yet you choose to draw a line in the sand out of pride because "They didn't work hard enough to make a game to your Nintendo standards". Might not say it but that's what it is. JaxonH It is a widely spread opinion, and recently companies such as capcom started encouraging this blackmail, with messages such as "We'll publish more games on Switch if USFII does well, wink wink!!

BensonUii No, I wouldn't buy a game that relies heavily on gyro. I try to keep my gaming sessions as enjoyable as possible. JaxonH Then again you are not reading my comments. This is not trivial TO ME.

It's a deal breaker. I skipped the consoles because I didn't like analog stick aiming. What part of that can't you comprehend? This isn't about pride. This is me skipping games that require heavily in aiming without gyro. It doesn't matter if majority of the games don't have gyro. I don't have problems playing with them on PC if I want to go back.

But right now I'm on Nintendo, and to enjoy these games and merit a purchase, they better have gyro. Tibob Same for me but the other way around preferring gyro for games that relies on aiming. BensonUii Dude, I never said you had to buy the game. BensonUii I don't get it. Gyro only makes it a little easier to aim precisely. It's nice- I love it. But at the end of the day analog works.

At the end of the day, you're bickering over slightly improved aiming capabilities. I agree, it's better. But it's not a drastic difference. You can still play the game fibe without it. You can still aim without it. Sure, maybe not quite as well, but close enough. How in the world slightly improved aiming capabilities makes the difference between being hyped for a game and buying it, and not buying it at all makes no sense to me.

Especially when you still use the second analog to help aim , it's only a half measure to help fine tune. That's too black and white.

I could have respected you had you said "Ya know, I prefer gyro, and I wish it had it, but I'll at least wait for reviews and see how it plays, see how smooth the controls are". It's all black and white. Was Metroid Prime an automatic no as well? Was GoldenEye 64 an automatic no as well?

Was Perfect Dark an automatic no too? I find that hard to believe. But how would you know anyways if you haven't even ever played a modern game with dual analog? See, that's too black and white. And I cannot respect it. I'm just making a point to Jaxon. JaxonH No, it's not a slight improvement. It's a big improvement. I have my kid's friends who aren't gamers and tried Splatoon without gyro.

They sucked at it. Giving the gamepad on the other hand saw a huge improvement in their aiming asap. Transition from mouse aiming to gyro aiming on Splatoon U was seamless to me when the game came out. It's superior by a mile. And did you not read my comments again? That's modern to me. It takes me seconds to aim accurately with gyro while it takes me seconds without. And that's not good when enemies are quick or you're playing competitively.

BensonUii gotta agree with jaxonH here, and tbh, take it a step further and say that gyro doesn't improve anything. Rather, it's simply a matter of taste. BensonUii So you didn't write those games off for not having Gyro?

Despite saying you've hated analog since PS1. Yet suddenly now it's a problem? I know what happened. Splatoon released and now you think every game has to mimic it's controls to "earn" the right to be purchased by you. BensonUii It's no different than people who write off games for having gyro. People who wrote off Splatoon because of it. Obviously it takes some practice. But learn how to use properly and it pays off.

Same for dual analog. It takes practice if you never use it. But once you learn to use it, it works well. But not all FPS are created equal. DOOM is a game tailored to dual analog. You don't have to aim with the right stick so much as strafe with the left until you line up your shot. This is how most dual analog players aim quickly with precision.

They strafe, and only use the right stick for wider adjustments. FPS is different than 3rd person games. Even I was pretty good with it.

In FPS games everything is bigger So easier to hit And strafing is a fantastic way to line up shots quicker than even gyro in a 3rd person shooter could offer. Or at the very worst just as easily. Because it's FPS and because enemies are mostly on the same plane so strafing can be used to fine tune. If tens of millions of others can do it just fine, you can too. Like gyro, you won't master it instantly, but it will come. JaxonH No I did not write them off for not having gyro.

I enjoyed some of them and their predecessors on PC where mouse keyboard works well with me. I tried them on the Wii U. I didn't like them either. And when Splatoon comes, I was hesitant on the reveal as it's a face paced shooter. And it did on the global testfire.

But I'll have to try it myself through an eShop demo or in-store demo. Or if I can borrow it. I'm not going to blindly buy it day one knowing it doesn't have gyro and regret later. BensonUii It's not making assumptions. The only one making assumptions is you. Because Once upon a time you played 3rd person games with analog and you sucked naturally, since it's a skill that needs to be developed that every game in existence plays exactly the same and it totallu unplayable using dual analog.

JaxonH I won't buy it either. Mouse and motion controls have spoiled me for many many years. Unless I have a mouse and keyboard or motion controls, that's a genre that I just won't play. I can't stand using auto-aim, as it makes the game feel like a joke, and without it, I'm stumbling around everywhere even more.

I'm interested in them. And I've played and tried these games and similar games on the genre on dual analog controllers on consoles and I did not like the controls. Are we confusing each other or am I not being clear? JaxonH The assumptions part was directed to your comment that when Splatoon came out, I've written out shooters not having gyro.

Obviously PC don't have gyro back then but mouse keyboard works really well. I've never written the games themselves as I've played them on PC and I like most of them.

I'll let you throw in Splatoon 2 as an FPS for the sake of argument, but what else is there? NinNin the system has the same specs docked or undocked.