Install and configure chef adapter associate with binary artifact repository

The amount of heap memory to allocate to the domain in MiB. Initial support for deploying Payara 4. Stop using versions in names of deployables as several bugs within GlassFish are triggered by this feature. For more details, see https: A map of domain definitions that drive the instantiation of a domain.

Submitted by Robin Wenglewski. Update to GlassFish installing 3. The port on which the stomp service will bind.

Ensures that a OpenMQ message broker instance has had a chance to finish starting before proceeding. Collaborator Number Metric 0. Permalink Jan 19, True if the destination is a queue, false for a topic.

Ensure unzip package is installed otherwise the initial install will fail. Write your change 4. Escape a more complete set of shell characters when escaping properties. Connector archive deployment was preceded by its configuration.

Support specifying environment variables for the glassfish domain using the attribute driven recipe. The name of the broker instance. Permalink Sep 08, Update resources so that they notify if any of the sub-resources have changed. Make glassfish user a system user.

The amount of heap memory to allocate to the domain in MiB. Install the icedteaplugin package using any installation method. Default to not setting the server name in HTTP response by defaulting the product.

Remove the searching of other nodes to locate the OpenMQ topics, queues, users and access control rules as that is a business specific policy that has no place in a generic cookbook. Use this to send logs to syslog or graylog. Enables setting asadmin timeout Submitted by David Lakatos.