Best way to day trade forex pairs

The Forex market has a large list of currency pairs which traders can choose to trade. Each country or economic zone offers their currency in an exchange with another currency zone, which creates dozens of currency crosses.

The list varies from the most famous i. Eight methods are mentioned for you to choose the best ones, including currency correlations. Selecting the best pairs depends on your strategy.

Obviously, if the EURUSD is a trend then this is a great currency pair for a trend trader, but not so good for a range or reversal trader. Basically, you want to select the pairs which have the best match with the market structure you are looking for in the strategy. If you use this method, then it is certainly possible that a pair which was interesting in the past becomes less interesting in the future; and vice versa.

For instance, if you are a trend trader and the EURUSD breaks out of its consolidation to start a downtrend, then this price action and the pair would become interesting.

This is a considerable disadvantage as more risk is taken without any diversification benefit. Selecting the best moving pairs depends on avoiding over-reliance one currency. When you only trade one currency against all other currencies, you have all of your eggs in one basket.

This means that if the Euro drops and you are long on a numerous Euro related crosses, then chances are high that you are losing many of those Euro longs. Hence it is usually better to spread the risk and choose a variety of currencies. You can opt to include some Euro pairs but also choose some non-Euro pairs to make your overall approach more balanced.

Selecting the best moving pairs depends on your strategy mix. Of course, if you are trading with a single strategy then this factor is irrelevant. But for those that trade multiple strategies, it is smart to analyze whether your strategies are not over-reliant on the same or correlated currency pairs.

Even though the strategies are different, there could be increased risk associated with trading the same pairs from a portfolio perspective. Selecting the best moving pairs depends on choosing tools and indicators. The next step to finding the right pair to trade is to make sure that those pairs fit the strategy you intend to trade. If you try to trade a trending strategy on a pair that is sideways, you will have a losing strategy. If you have a trending strategy and you identify pairs that are trending, your chance of being a profitable trader goes up a great deal.

Additionally, if you find a pair that has been moving sideways for a period of time it will be important that you choose a range trading or sideways market trading strategy to match up with those pairs. Many traders make the mistake of matching up the right pair to the wrong strategy. This is important when determining the pairs you want to trade based on your strategy and trading objectives.

Most traders overlook carefully selecting the currency pair…. There are three main things to consider when choosing your pair in the Forex market. First, identify whether the pair is a trending or non-trending pair. Second, figure out what type of strategy you will be trading. Identify the Trend The first thing you must do when choosing which pair to trade is to identify the trend.