Best trade in value for xbox one

Unpaid hours, early starts, late finishes, harassment, bullying, you name it, EB are probably guilty of it. Seen it cheaper elsewhere? Of course you have, the entire games retail sector is cheaper than EB. They want you to do all the hard work, find a cheaper price, go to them tell them where you found it, they then call and check if stock is available and still, it's at managers discretion if they will do it.

Perhaps you could lower your prices EB and be a market leader for once? Set the trend instead of being hopelessly behind it. On many occasions I have had price matches denied because of some arbitrary reason that no decent business would cite as a deal breaker.

Pressure selling tactics to make you feel like you're ordering fast food. EB staff members have some vicious KPI sales targets to meet each month. That means that should you choose to shop there you are going to have a whole variety of crap shoved down your throat that you don't even want to know about.

Join EB World, it's free! Would you like to pre order the next Call of Battlefield? Trade those old games in and save money!!! Come to the next midnight launch and hang with us! Would you like scratch protection on your disc? Are you sure you don't want the collectors edition of the game you're buying? I hate being pressured into these things, it happens way too frequently when shopping there. So, in summary, don't buy from EB, they are a cancerous lump on the arse crack of Australian games retail.

Support the stores that have the best prices, whether they be online or bricks and mortar. Just say no to EB and all of the dodgy shit mentioned above! All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. EB Games Trade in Value. Instead of trading it in and losing heaps… go buy this: Pretty expensive for just 2tb, but definitely something I'll consider.

Loading games from the portable drive is supposed to faster than Internal as its usb 3. Well for games anyhow. Products to Sell Via Digital Delivery?

This game is sure to have you thinking hard. Write a review and rate it. A board-game inspired strategy game. These Kickstarter donations exceed The fourth expansion for the widely popular video game, The Sims. This expansion allowed Sims to take vacations from their regular lives.

Amanita Design's third Samorost game. Another game from MX vs. A zombie themed jigsaw puzzle game. This game lets you try on the role of a Supernatural Newspaper Agency boss and editor. The world it takes place in is a dark and haunted one, There are two versions released, one from Camerica and the other from Galoob. Both doing the same thing. Solve puzzles primarily using the physics of gravitational and orbit forces.

Learn how a girl Lily managed to frustrate the plans of mean Duchess and to save the Crown Prince. An isometric, randomly generated survival game inspired by John Carpenter's "The Thing". Help the Berenstain Bears find the way back to their campsite! Command a group of five, 17th Century ninja in this tactical strategy game from Minimi Productions. Learn how a simple girl Sarah managed to frustrate the plans of the Dark Lord and to save the Great Tree, which was the soul of the Ancient Fo Let's get farming in this unique Hidden Object Farming Sim hybrid!

Grow crops and run the farmer's market! Hidden objects are random so scenes Jump Stars is a two to four player party game that blurs the lines between cooperative and competitive play. Work as a team to beat the show, A simulation game where players create and sell their own paintings. Featuring mind melting secrets and persistent gore that allows you to paint le The future of video games: Set in the same universe as their previous game, Teslagrad, Rain Games is building a new action puzzle game this time with a 3D top-down persp Scanner Sombre is a first-person exploration game where the player delves into a cave system using an advanced LIDAR mapping system.

The Sexy Brutale Read More. If already used, please list under standard edition of game. Includes Halo Wars 2 Season Pass digital Minion Masters is a real-time competitive multiplayer game where players send Minions to destroy the other Master.

Silence is an adventure game from Daedalic Entertainment. This is a board game about fairies. You have to collect as much magical energy as possible from the Flowers and prevent other competitors from Earth's Dawn is a 2D action side-scroller from Japanese developer Oneoreight. A side-scrolling RPG developed by Tri-Ace that is a spiritual successor to the Valkyrie Profile series, sharing a lot of the same creative sta EA's association football game for runs on the Frostbite engine.

Stand-alone expansion to Sorcerer King Read More. Help boy Sam to save Princess Aurora and stop the villain, who intended to seize power in the Kingdom of Aurelia. Seasons After Fall is a fantasy platformer featuring a fox that can change the seasons at will in order to navigate a forest. An indie action game featuring rockets. Following up two years after Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mankind Divided sees Adam Jensen working to thwart a terrorist organization bent on pr There are no subscription or listing fees.

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